Case report

Paediatric patient with dengue fever and associated multi-organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) receiving hemoadsorption using Cytosorb® – A case report on clinical experience

IJMDAT 2020; 3: e233
DOI: 10.32113/ijmdat_20205_233

Boswellia, inositol and betaine in the treatment of fibroadenoma: a case study

IJMDAT 2020; 3: e237
DOI: 10.32113/ijmdat_20205_237

A case report to highlight the impact of extracorporeal cytokine elimination therapy in viper snakebite induced septic shock with acute kidney injury

IJMDAT 2020; 3: e222
DOI: 10.32113/ijmdat_20201_222

  Topic: Immunology     Category:

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Snake bite induced sepsis with multiorgan failure successfully treated with Extracorporeal Cytokine Adsorption Device (ECAD) therapy along with standard of care – a case series

IJMDAT 2018; 1 (2): e158

  Topic: Immunology     Category:

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Metachronous ovarian mature teratomas with concomitant polycystic ovarian syndrome

IJMDAT 2018; 1 (2): e168

  Topic: Gynecology     Category:

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